About Me

Dhairya Pandya


With a keen eye for detail, color, and natural light, I create original imagery for clients across the genres of travel, food, lifestyle, and still life. I believe in creating memories for clients to cherish for their entire life.

The need to travel was instilled at a young age. Growing up in a family of Lawyers, Engineers, I have been immersed in an environment of creativity and curiosity from the start. Before I learned how to take a photograph, I learned how to be a traveler. While traveling I discovered hidden beauty in emotions, places, and food, and hidden curiosity to capture that beauty with lenses.

Travel is when I am most engaged, most inspired, and most challenged. Learning bits of a new language and culture, getting lost in woods, streets or narrow dirt paths, meeting local people, and taking in every element of a moment – sights, scents, sounds, and feelings. This is when I am most alive. The camera allows me to capture and share these moments. I would say, I understand the value of a moment and more than that how valuable is that for a person owning that moment, so I make sure that I capture every moment with immense beauty and gift memories to people for life. I am thankful for the opportunities that made me travel and led me to a profession that is more practiced as passion and love by myself.